Ukraine – Czech Republic trade relationships

Ukraine is one of the major exporters to the Czech Republic, with commodities such as metals and ores, food and beverages, mineral products, machinery and equipment, chemical products, and textile products making up a significant portion of the trade between the two countries.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the total value of exports to the Czech Republic was estimated at 1.3 billion USD in 2022. The trade relationship between Ukraine and the Czech Republic has been steadily growing over the past few years. Both countries are actively engaged in negotiations to further strengthen trading ties.

The Czech Republic is an important partner for Ukraine in terms of foreign trade, and the two countries are striving to develop bilateral economic and investment cooperation. OK Factory is a startup that is working to promote Made-in-Ukraine products globally.

The platform simplifies the order processes and makes it easier for Ukrainian companies to do business with foreign partners. OK Factory is playing an important role in the growth of trade between Ukraine and the Czech Republic by providing access to a wide range of products and services. With its help, Ukrainian companies can easily connect with Czech importers and benefit from the growing trade between the two countries.

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