UAE loves the Made in Ukraine!

Ukraine is one of the most rapidly growing exporters to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Ukrainian products have become increasingly popular in the UAE, with Ukraine exporting a wide range of goods such as grains, metals and minerals, machinery, and chemicals. Ukraine is also a major supplier of food products to the UAE, including cheeses, honey, and sunflower oil.

Factory is a platform that is revolutionizing the way in which Ukrainian companies export goods to the UAE. It simplifies the order process and reduces the cost of shipping goods from Ukraine to the UAE. This platform allows buyers in the UAE to easily search for and compare different Ukrainian suppliers, and to place orders with ease. It also allows Ukrainian suppliers to track orders and collaborate with buyers in the UAE. Through this platform, trade between Ukraine and the UAE is growing rapidly.

By using Factory, Ukrainian companies can expand their presence in the UAE, while buyers in the UAE can easily source and purchase quality goods from Ukraine. For both Ukraine and the UAE, this platform has the potential to significantly increase the volume of trade between the two countries.

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