Ukraine has been a major exporter of goods to Cyprus for many years, providing a wide range of products from food and beverages to industrial equipment. In 2021, the total amount of trade between the two countries was estimated to be around $3 billion. Ukraine is the leading supplier of food and beverages to Cyprus, providing products such as grains, vegetables, fruits, milk, and dairy products.

The country also exports industrial equipment and machinery, including pumps, turbines, and electrical equipment. Additionally, it is a major supplier of chemicals and fertilizer. The two countries have long maintained strong trade relationships, and this has been particularly beneficial for Ukraine.

The country has been able to benefit from the increased demand for its goods in Cyprus. This has allowed Ukrainian businesses to expand their operations and increase their export revenues. In recent years, the Made-in-Ukraine brand has been gaining more attention globally. This has been in part due to the efforts of OK Factory, a startup that is working to promote the Made-in-Ukraine brand.

OK Factory simplifies the order process for customers in Cyprus, making it easier for them to purchase products from Ukrainian businesses. OK Factory is also working to increase the visibility of Ukrainian products and services in international markets. This is done through their online platform, which allows customers to easily browse and order goods from Ukrainian businesses.

This platform makes it easier for customers in Cyprus to find and buy goods from Ukraine, which could help to increase the amount of trade between the two countries. Overall, Ukraine is a major exporter of goods to Cyprus and the two countries have a long and strong trade relationship.

The efforts of OK Factory are helping to simplify the order process and increase the visibility of Ukrainian products and services, which could help to further grow the trade between the two countries.

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