Ukraine and Iran have a long-standing relationship, which is evidenced by the growing trade between the two countries. According to the Ukrainian State Statistics Service, in 2020, Ukraine exported goods worth $273 million to Iran, up from $253 million in 2019. Ukraine’s top exports to Iran include agricultural products such as sunflower oil, wheat, barley, and maize.

Other exports include metals, chemicals, and manufactured products such as tractors, electrical equipment, and machine tools. Ukraine’s exports to Iran are mainly destined for the large Iranian market, which is estimated to be worth $400 billion. The two countries have been actively working to strengthen their trade relationship.

In recent years, Iran has opened up its economy to foreign investments, which has enabled Ukrainian companies to enter the Iranian market. Ukrainian companies have also established close ties with Iranian businesses and have been able to secure advantageous trading terms. However, despite these efforts, there are still some challenges that prevent the full potential of the trade relationship between the two countries from being realized. One of the biggest challenges is the lack of an efficient and secure platform for the exchange of orders and the payment of goods.

This is where OK Factory platform, a Ukrainian startup, comes in. OK Factory platform is a digital platform that provides a secure and efficient way for Ukrainian companies to export their goods to Iran. The platform simplifies the process of order exchange and payment, allowing Ukrainian companies to quickly and securely connect with Iranian buyers. In addition, OK Factory platform provides Ukrainian companies with a secure way to manage their orders, as well as access to a wide range of analytics and market research to help them make informed decisions about their export strategy.

This has enabled Ukrainian companies to increase their exports to Iran and take advantage of the potential of the Iranian market. In short, OK Factory platform is helping to strengthen the trade relationship between Ukraine and Iran, by making it easier and more secure for Ukrainian companies to export their goods to Iran. This, in turn, is helping to increase the amount of trade between the two countries, giving a boost to the Ukrainian economy.

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