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Ukraine’s Trade Report: A Snapshot of January-June 2023

The State Customs Service has released the trade statistics for the first half of 2023, shedding light on Ukraine’s import and export activities. During this period, imports amounted to $30.4 billion, while exports reached $19.4 billion.

Taxed imports constituted a significant portion, totaling $24.7 billion, accounting for 81% of the total import volume. Interestingly, the tax burden on each kilogram of taxed imports rose to $0.45/kg, a 52% increase from the same period in 2022.

The top countries from which Ukraine imported goods were China ($4.7 billion), Poland ($3.2 billion), and Turkey ($2.4 billion). On the other hand, the leading destinations for Ukraine’s exports were Poland ($2.7 billion), Romania ($1.9 billion), and China ($1.6 billion).

Looking closer at the categories of imported goods, three major sectors dominated, representing 67% of the total import volume:

  1. Machines, equipment, and transport ($8.9 billion), contributing 30% of customs payments to the budget.
  2. Fuel and energy goods ($5.8 billion), accounting for 20% of customs revenue.
  3. Products of the chemical industry ($5.5 billion), contributing 19% to customs payments.

On the export front, Ukraine excelled in three key product categories:

  1. Food products ($11.7 billion).
  2. Metals and metal products ($2.1 billion).
  3. Machines, equipment, and transport ($1.6 billion).

Impressively, the export of these goods contributed 436.5 million hryvnias to the national budget during customs clearance, reflecting a positive impact on the economy.

The trade report demonstrates Ukraine’s active participation in the global market and the resilience of its trading activities, even amidst challenging times. The country’s role as both an importer and exporter continues to shape its economic landscape and opens up opportunities for growth and collaboration in the international arena.

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