Ukraine – Vatican City trade relationships


Ukraine – Vatican City Trade Relationships: Strengthening Ties Between Two Nations

Ukraine and Vatican City, both sovereign states with unique histories, have been developing their diplomatic relationships over the years. The trade relationships between the two nations have been growing steadily, with many opportunities for businesses in Ukraine to expand into Vatican City.

Historical Background

The diplomatic relationship between Ukraine and Vatican City was established on January 23, 1992. Ukraine’s Catholic community is relatively small but has a significant presence, with approximately 5.5 million Roman Catholics in Ukraine. Vatican City is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and holds great importance to Catholics around the world.

Trade Relationship Overview

The trade relationship between Ukraine and Vatican City is relatively modest, with an average annual turnover of €1.5 million. Vatican City mainly imports agricultural products, such as grains, oils, and other foodstuffs from Ukraine. However, the opportunities for Ukrainian businesses to export a wide range of goods and services to Vatican City are vast, from IT services to furniture and textiles.

Recent Developments

In 2019, the Ukrainian Export Promotion Office (UEPO) and the Vatican Apostolic Library (VAL) signed a memorandum of understanding to develop cooperation in the field of culture, education, and tourism. This agreement is expected to open up new opportunities for Ukrainian businesses in the cultural and tourism sectors.

In 2020, Ukraine signed a joint agreement with the Vatican to work together to promote human rights and social justice, which also includes economic cooperation.

Potential for Future Growth

Despite the modest trade turnover between Ukraine and Vatican City, there is significant potential for future growth in various sectors. Ukraine’s agricultural sector is particularly strong, and Vatican City’s demand for high-quality food products provides an opportunity for Ukrainian farmers and food manufacturers to expand their export markets.

Ukraine also has a well-developed IT sector that could provide Vatican City with various IT services. Additionally, Ukrainian furniture and textile manufacturers could supply Vatican City with their products.


The trade relationships between Ukraine and Vatican City may be modest, but they have significant potential for growth. The recent agreements and joint efforts to promote economic cooperation and cultural exchange between the two nations are expected to open up new opportunities for businesses in Ukraine to expand their export markets into Vatican City. As such, it is essential to continue fostering these relationships and exploring new opportunities to strengthen the economic ties between Ukraine and Vatican City.

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