Factory is an online B2B trade platform that connects buyers with verified Ukrainian manufacturers. Users can browse through a wide range of products, submit inquiries, and request quotes directly from manufacturers.

Factory offers a diverse range of products, including but not limited to textiles, machinery, agricultural products, food and beverages, and more. You can explore various categories to find the specific products you’re looking for.

To request a quote, simply navigate to the product page of interest and click on the “Request a Quote” button. Fill out the necessary information, including quantity, specifications, and any other requirements, and submit your inquiry. Manufacturers will then respond with their pricing and terms.

No, there is no fee for using Factory. It is completely free for buyers to browse products, submit inquiries, and request quotes from manufacturers. Our goal is to facilitate seamless connections between buyers and suppliers without any additional cost for the buyer.

Yes, the manufacturers featured on the Factory portal undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure quality and reliability. We verify their credentials, production capabilities, and reputation within the industry to provide buyers with confidence in their sourcing decisions.