Sell on Factory

Are you a Ukrainian manufacturer wanting to expand your customer base?
Factory can help!

We are the only one Marketplace of the Made-in-Ukraine, a platform that provides new customers and market opportunities to Ukrainian manufacturers.

We provide communication support during the negotiating process, legal agreements, customs support and logistic organization, all for a transparent fee over your product price. Our fees range from 1% to 10% depending on the product, quantity, and destination country.

If you’re interested in selling your product through Factory, there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet:

1) The product is manufactured in Ukraine.
2) The technology or know-how of the product or manufacturer’s processes is developed in Ukraine, even if the product is made in other countries.
3) At least 50% of the ownership of the product is owned by Ukrainians, even if the production is abroad at the moment.
4) You must have all the rights of intellectual propriety, licenses, certifications, and quality requirements for the target countries.
5) We do not work with companies that trade with russia and belarus.

If you’re a Ukrainian manufacturer looking to grow your business, exploring new markets, or just starting exporting your goods, Factory is the best solution for you.

We offer a great opportunity to reach new customers and expand your reach.

Join us today!