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The Delfast Top 3.0 is an electric bike known for its unrivaled power and record-breaking range, making it the perfect crossover EV for both work and play. It features a carbon belt drive transmission for optimal performance, high-performing hydraulic disc brakes for powerful and effortless braking, and LED headlights and turn signals for visibility and safety. With three speed modes and three driving modes, this eBike can travel up to 321 km on a single charge in ideal conditions and reach a maximum speed of 80 kph. Its upgraded battery and KKE front fork make it suitable for off-road adventures as well as city commuting.

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Electric Bike Delfast Top 3.0: The Ultimate Crossover EV

Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular among commuters, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers alike. With their eco-friendliness, ease of use, and versatility, they offer an unparalleled way to navigate the world. The Delfast Top 3.0 electric bike is the ultimate crossover EV, combining the best of both worlds with unrivaled power, range, and performance.

The Delfast Top 3.0 electric bike boasts a one-charge range of up to 321 kilometers (in ideal conditions) and a maximum speed of 80 kph. Its peak torque of 182 Nm allows for quick acceleration and optimal performance, making it the perfect vehicle for work and play.

One of the unique features of the Delfast Top 3.0 is its carbon belt drive transmission, which delivers optimal performance and power. The bike controller is secured in a protective casing, ensuring that it is well-protected from any damage or impact. The bike also features high-performing hydraulic disc brakes that provide powerful and effortless braking, as well as LED high and low beam headlights and brake lights for added visibility.

In terms of driving modes, the Delfast Top 3.0 comes shipped to you as a street-legal Class 2 eBike with a validation sticker, powering up to 750W and traveling up to 20 mph. If you want to take it off-road and off-paved city streets, you can unleash its full power in Unlimited Mode, with no license plate or special license needed.

The Delfast Top 3.0 has three speed modes – Limited (750W, 15 mph max), Eco (750W, 20 mph), and Unlimited (3000W, 50 mph) – and three driving modes – Pedal Only, Pedal Assist, and Full-throttle. To be considered a Class 2 bike, you must ride it in Limited or Eco Mode and put it into Throttle Driving Mode.

The bike’s motor is capable of accelerating 3000W and can withstand its peak load of 6000W*. The Delfast Top 3.0 is known for its crossover versatility, delivering top performance on rural countryside roads and trails, and is a reliable commuter for traveling around the city. Its pedal-assist mode easily handles hilly or mountain-like terrain, making it the perfect vehicle for any adventure.

The Delfast Top 3.0 electric bike is a reliable mode of transportation for challenging conditions and provides the option to travel a long range with its battery capacity. Its upgraded battery (72V 48Ah Li-ion battery with battery management system) provides greater current flow, which allows for the use of a new 72V 60A controller and a more powerful motor with torque reaching 182 Nm. The bike’s brakes have also been upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes with a 203mm disc on each wheel, ensuring reliable and safe stopping power.

The Delfast Top 3.0 electric bike is a versatile and reliable vehicle that can be used for both off-road and city riding. It has been upgraded with a KKE front fork with a 203mm stroke, creating the sense of a true motorcycle ride. Its long-range battery will perfectly serve you in the city, no matter how many miles you need to ride.

In conclusion, the Delfast Top 3.0 electric bike is the ultimate crossover EV, offering unbeatable power, range, and performance. Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring the great outdoors, the Delfast Top 3.0 will take you there in style and comfort.

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Electric Bike Delfast Top 3.0
Electric Bike Delfast Top 3.0


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